Do O-Rings wear out?

The oil tube/hose that runs from the frame to the case under the clutch on the right side is leaking oil at the motor conection point. I took out the bolt and looked at the o-ring. It looks fine, no damage or cracks. The connector looks good and the case cover looks good. If I run the bike, shut it down and look at that point I can see the oil seep out about a drop every 4 minutes. I need to fix this and am going to install a new o-ring first, but have never heard of a o-ring wearing out.

I havce had this apart several times in the last few weeks doing repairs to my kickstarter, but the ring is not damaged.

What do you think?

Hey Mike!

That is the low pressure return line. Check to make sure that is where the leak is coming from and not the line itself (a hair line crack in the aluminum tubing at the connection). Inspect the O-Ring for cuts or scratches. Replace the O-ring if it has a nick in it and check that the mating surface on the back side does not have dirt in it. Also remove the dowel pin and spin it around 180 degrees so that the other end is sealing on the 0-ring. :lame:

Most likely the dowel pin got nicked during the several times we removed the right side cover in Minnesota! :thumbsup:

Hey Indy, I just got back from a hardware store and replaced the oring with the closest non-metric version(same diameter, slightly thicker. Works great, the leak is gone.

All repairs are done on myt bike, plus I replaced my linkage bearings, and front wheel bearings. I also have added a set of front, and rear brake pads to my spare parts bin and a spare oil filter. I am ready to ride! The weekend of the 6-7-8 is open. If the ride you emailed me about doesn't happen, how do we get ahold of that Joe guy they talked about around the fire?

I will call you at home. Glad it fixed the problem! :thumbsup:

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