Hey Eddie

I Have An 05 Drzs 3x3 Dj 142.5 22.5 3.5 Turns Out, Stock Exhaust With Baffle Drilled Out Stock Gearing. The Bike Runs Great Except When Im Doing 50 Or So In 4th Gear And I Hold The Throttle A Steady The Bike Drops Off Like Im Letting Off The Throttle But Im Not. If I Get In The Throttle She Picks Up Fine But Its Like The Carb Cant Hold Rpm At A Steady Throttle. I Hope You Can Understand What Im Trying To Say . Any Suggestions

you need to richen the needle by raising it.

I Had A Shop Jet The Bike, What Do I Have To Do , Pull The Carb And Shim The Needle . How Do I Raise The Needle?

you can get at the needle by removing the fuel tank and carb cap.

its a adjustable clip needle........or at least it should be.

Pull The Needle A Put The Clip Lower So The Needle Raises

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