TT-R50E Battery and Charger

I just bought a (barely) used TT-R50E for my kids. The person I bought it from let the battery die, which I found out while I was out looking for a battery charger and had the battery tested

I am having a very hard time finding a charger that works for this battery. I don't want to kill the new battery that I have ordered and Yamaha does not seem to recommend one. My local shop also seemed to be clueless. The parts guy tried to sell me a charger that the service guy told me would ruin the battery (?).

Can anyone recommend a charger that works for this battery?

Although we have two other TT-Rs, a 90 and a 125, and I really like Yamaha products, I am frustrated that I'm going to have to spend so much time maintaining the battery. And $400 for a kick start kit is robbery, in my opinion. Yamaha must be counting on people buying this kit, maybe that was the only way they could get the price so low. Otherwise, it is a great bike.


i would say the small battery tender would work or any other low amp float charger a regular charger left on over time will cook the battery a float charger will bring the battery up and maintain it all it is a a small sealed 12 volt battery, you can even get the chargers with a nice little quick disconnect, if all else fails you can bump start it

Update. I took the battery that came with the bike to a good battery shop and it turned out to be dead (completely sulphated and unrecoverable). So I ordered a new battery. After a few weeks on back order, I finally received it. Also bought a 12 volt 1 amp battery charger. The new battery charged right up and now the bike starts with no problem, and no more roll-starting.

I have one more question. Does anyone know any way to quickly attach a charger to the battery without taking off the seat and taking the battery out? We only get to ride every few weeks and I don't think you're supposed to let the battery sit for too long. Just trying to save some hassle.

The battery tender type chargers are exactly what you're looking for given how infrequently you ride. They will keep a battery at the correct charge until the house 110v shuts off.

Attach some clamps or large alligator clips on the end of the charger leads.

Run a lead off the positive side of the battery and either:

a) put a plastic cap over the end of it.

:worthy: pick up an insulated bolt and find a convienent place to put it, attach to the + side of the battery.

c) Use the female end of an extension cord, just strip the ends off and attach it to the battery. Find a good place for the end, like behind the numberplate?

If you do C, then take the male end of the cord and wire it into the charger leads (make sure you keep the + and - correct). Plug in as needed.

I took my sons battery out and I couldn't see any terminals on the TTR-50 Battery... How did you mount the charger ? what model charger did you buy ? Do you have any pictures of it mounted ? sorry for so many questions just been wondering about this for a while :worthy:

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