First Valve Check

I just performed the first valve clearence check on my Son's CRF150r expert and am happy to report all's well in Hondaland. All four valves are in spec. I bought the bike the Friday before last and has been ridden enough to almost wear out the stock back tire. With the exception of typical new bike stuff(spokes,chain,ect.) all is good.

I haven't done a valve check on a CRF, only my KTM and a KLX I used to have. Is it a real pain in the neck, or not too bad? Any tricks missing from the book?

Anyone have pics of inside this engine?

I read on PlanetMinis that the CRF150R head uses adjustable tappets like the crf50, 70, 100, etc. instead of SHIMS like the CRF250/450. Can anyone verify this? If so, valve adjustments should be very easy.

no it uses shims, you can see from the pictures above.

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