What are the changes ?

Hi all, Anyone know what exactly are the the changes to the suspension on the 2007 models...

Quote from Husky website " The suspension system has new calibrations to improve the smoothness and the feeling of the bike."

The reason I ask is that I have a 2006 TE250 and feel the forks are too harsh on the initial part of the stroke even though I have changed to 5 WT oil and lowered the oil level. Could it be that they have changed the valves (shim stacks) or just the clicker settings or what :thumbsup: ?



i dont know the suspension changes either.but i did put different base valves in my forks and they were alot better over the slow chop and trail garbage.i have a 2006 TC 250 now.should have my a 2007 in a few weeks.dan.

Thanks for that Dan, it´ll be interesting to see what difference you find in the new stock 2007 forks. I have a problem with the harshness in medium-highspeed rocky terrain, even after the 5 WT oil and level change.



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