6253 otd new sm?

Is 6253 OTD a good deal on a 06 SM? A 07 will only run me another 300?

Thats About What I Paid For My 2006.depending Where You Live And How Many Are Around Its A Fair Deal .but If The 07 Is Sitting Beside It And Ready To Go,i Would Think It Would Be A Little Cheaper For The 2006.if Not I Would Go With The 2007.

Keep in mind the 07 has better bars and some other goodies. You may want to try and talk them down a little more and get the 07.

Is 6253 OTD a good deal on a 06 SM? A 07 will only run me another 300?

Spend the $300 more on the '07. The bars and clamp are much, much better. You're going to replace the bars on the '06 and that's going to cost you $150 or more.

I got mine for $5900 otd in Cali. You should be able to do better in Ohio!!

my buddy got his 06sm out the door for 5400 and that was before the 07's were out....

It all depends on how many of them they have sitting around and the pressure to move the inventory. If you hit a big dealer with a boat load of SM's haggle until they let you walk out the door. Do this at a couple of dealers with tons of SM's and you will find the best price possible.

It takes some work, but I could have saved about 300 bucks had I known what I was doing at the time.

I am starting to think its to high as well. I will have to go with vikto's advice, especially since he uses Delvac 1"THE MILLION MILE OIL" :thumbsup: They have 1 06 sm left and 5 07 on the way. maybe Ill wait till next seaon to see if the 450sm is true or not and by then I could probably pick up a low mileage used one. If they dealt me under $6,000 thought Id take it.

Sounds like your deal is right in the ballpark...

I'm in Los Angeles County...

...bought a '07 Black SM for exactly $6,499 out the door just last week, and am totally happy with it. :thumbsup:

The dealer had only three, one gone, one already spoken for to be picked up, and the one I bought on the spot. Took all of 30 minutes to buy it, get it loaded into the truck, and head back home.

There was a choice of an '06 for $6,200 at another dealer, but it was yellow and just a little too bright for my taste. So I willingly paid more for the *stealth super moto*.:lame:


Got my '06 s model for 6,000 otd. The dealer even threw in some Suz' posters, hats, stickers and such 'cause they forgot to charge the battery when I went to pick it up.n I had to wait a day to get it.

Get the '07. It just sounds better. :lame: It will be newer longer! :thumbsup:

Becides, the bars are a plus.


Shipping from IL shouldn't be too bad.

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