2003 CRF 450 water pump???

First, my bike has been sitting for about 5 months without even being started. So last night i finally get it out and get it running. Right away, i noticed that a small amount of water/coolant had leaked out of the weap hole. I stoppped the bike and wiped it dry to be sure that was were it was leaking for. I started it up again and it wasnt leaking anymore, took it around the block and it still wasnt leaking anymore. Why did it leak real quick when it started up for the first time???

Mine does that all the time. I used to freak out and change the seal. But then I got tire of doing that and just kept an eye on the coolant level. Ive found that it'll go months without loosing a drop. Then it'll spooge a bit. Personally I think the seal gets fouled with a piece of debris and leaks a bit until it clears.

because the seal was dry, ride it if it starts leaing again do a seal. if it doesnt dont worry

Thanks for the responses, i will just keep an eye on the coolant level before i start replacing parts.

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