sedgefield in england

i am supposed to be goin to sedgefield next week and i need the phone number and/or the postcode, have any of you guys rid there before, is it good, thanks, adam

The chances of someone on TT from Durham, England giving you tips on the riding locations in a specific village is rather slim.

Presumably you are referring to enduro/woods riding, I can't say I know of any spots worth riding. However, on the Trails + MX website, they list all the tracks in the UK and you might see one nearby if you take a look.

no its a motorcross ad quad track

might try posting in general Forum, get more hits that way

When I lived in the UK many years ago I discovered there was a club for everything imaginable. You need to get hooked up with some mates. They are out there to be sure, and someone is always willing to help a young rider.

Just ask around at the bike shops, check the net, you'll find the people to help.

I know how it can be, I started riding at 13 and it seemed like I was the only one in the world who did it, but that was 40 years ago, when they still made great bikes in the UK! Now those were the days! Ton up, battle iron!