Tire Help!!!

so my tires are really dried out and the rear has very little treat left and with the mud season coming i was just wondering what tires i should throw on my bike i have used maxxis in the past and have been very happy. but i was also wondering what is the biggest size rear tire i can put on my bike. its a 2002 crf450r and i was looking at the MaxxCross SM for the front. and the rear i wasn't sure...if you have any advice or recommendations please let me KNOW!! thanks :thumbsup:

Michelin MS3 in the rear and an S12 up front. Good wear and totally hooked up.

You could go with a Teraflex 150/90 rear tire if you want size. I think that's the biggest knobby tire out there, at least that I've heard of. It'll cost power though, because it is NOT a light tire (I've seen them!)

yea..but i'm runnin stock rims....so the teraflex would be wayy to big for that rim :thumbsup:

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