I Think It Is Time

Alright i always hear u guys talking about a bog in the 450x when it is stock and all that stuff. I have never felt it so i was always agianst modding it. Now i feel like i need a little more in the bike. I don't want to go crazy right now and start cutting up the air box or f' with the carb at the moment. Is there like anything small i can start out on?

I'm in college right now and with baseball i dont have much time so i dont want to have like a 10 hour project in front of me.

pull out the baffle-3 minutes

remove smog-30 mins

change main and pilot jets-5mins

Forget abou tthe airbox mods but if you want to then just remove the access panel


boysenquickshot is a must, also check the diaphram after time needs replacing. Especially if you run race gas. Race gas dries out the diaphram quicker that normanl unleades.


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