What Race Tech springs should I get?

I have an 04 WR 450. As a Xmas present to myself, I have rationalized the need to uprgrade my suspension. I weigh around 195 pounds and mainly trail ride - tight technical stuff. Getting tired of my front end bottoming out when descending down hill climbs and going over rocks, etc. I normally were a camel back loaded with tools. My riding weight is probably around 215-220 with gear on.

I am going to get gold valves and springs from Race Tech.

So here are my questions:

1. On the forks, I was going to get the .48 kg spring. My stock .46 bottom out too easy despite changing fork oil or adjusting the clickers.

2. On the rear shock, should I get the 5.6 or 5.8 spring?

3. What other parts should I order - such as shock fork seals, etc?

Thanks for your input.


I've had good luck using the spring rate calculator on Race Tech website. I replace all seals and bushings any time I have the forks apart for any reason. The parts are cheap and problems on the trail suck.

I went to Spring calculator. For my weight, I could go with either the 5.6 or 5.8 according to the calculator. Thats why I was asking anyone with similar weight and riding area to give me some input on what worked for them.

Thanks for the information,


do you have a direct link to this calculator? i can't find it on their site http://www.race-tech.com/ (if this is the right site)

Yes it is the right site. Go throught the process of entering your bike model, year etc. then go through the products and you will see in red writing "Custom Fork spring calculation....." go here and insert the info required.

good hunting




found it, thanks.

Its redundant:excuseme: but I Fifth using the Race Tech spring rate calculator. I did this after fiddle farting around with oil heights, clicker settings and oil weights. Now I can set up the suspension easily for front and rear.


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