Backgrounds shipping?

i ordered some backgrounds from factory effex last week. i think it was on wednesday. im not in a rush to get them but i was just wondering how long it takes to get them since they're custom?

I ordered some custom shroud graphics from them and they said 4-6 weeks. It was closer to 6 weeks but they did an excellent job.

I ordered numbers from decal works last monday and received them today, I would asume you could expect the same time.

mine took a full week... the problem i had though was when the UPS man arrives on my block he got out the truck and started walking to my neighbors door. I seen FX on the package so I ran out there. FX put the wrong address on it. If it wasnt for me running out there I might not of ever got them..

Shame on you FX!

Nice graphics though.

Doesn't FX have a ship within 48 hrs guarantee or it's free (I'm assuming you ordered numberplate backgrounds) like DeCal Works?

Boy I tell you what who is really quick is Factory Backing. I ordered my backgrounds on a Sunday morning and it was here 2 days later.

FX is the last company I would ever order anything from. The shipping took about ten days and they sent my backgrounds with the numbers printed on them when I asked them not to do so. I contacted FX and they told me since the graphics were custom made they would not refund my money, but would give me a 15% discount on my next order. I own an anniversary edition YZ450 and the backgrounds are advertised to match this bike. They arrived Suzuki yellow and look like crap on that bike when you are up close!

I would not recommend buying anything from this company! :thumbsup:

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