Hour meter install ?????????

Hey all on my '06 kxF 250 I cant get the hr meter to work with the coil on plug... I verified it works on my lawn mower but its like its not getting signal from the wires on the bike??????? what gives????? anybody useing the Moose hr meter if so how the hell did u get it to work??????

thanx in advance.......


You'll have to rap the wire around the coil which is the top part spark plug holder. wrap it around it a few times and it should work just fine.

Hey thanx man..... the search function is workin now so I did a search and found another dude who did it exactly how u described thanx again J- man

Peace!!!! Brian

Hey...I'm having the same porblem on my 07' with the same hour meter by moose... How does it work again and where did you put it?


wrap the wire around the coil about three times. right below the connector that plugs into the coil.

I wrapped mine aroind the wires just behind the clip into top of spark plug cap and it works great also found a great spot to mount the hour meter, just under the left shroud by the airbox, i made an ally bracket to mount it on.

I'll try and get some photo's for you guys.

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