is this plug ok

I have found my sons cr125 runs this plug better than any we have tried.

B8es we have fouled the heck out of Br8es. I have jetted as lean as it gets an am going to try a yz needle . I don't know what the difference is or whatever the "r" represents but the b8es seems to do allot better. I found the float level way off and that seems to help allot now

I'm pretty sure the R means "resistor". You need the R, or you risk having ignition system problems. According to my owners manual.

I have jetted as lean as it gets an am going to try a yz needle .

You really should take the good advise already given you.

I'll toss my dos pesos in and you can take it for what it's worth.

I wouldn't waste my time trying to jet it with OEM Mikuni jets.


Because the profiles on the needles won't let it run as clean as it can.

If you're going to stick with the TMX, buy the JD kit.

By the time you spend all that time working on it and buying OEM jets, you could have it running clean and be riding, not still tinkering with it.

If you have the money, buy the Keihin.


While I personally don't have one on mine (yet) I do have a fair amount of experience with them and believe it to be a better carb for the application.


Because even if you get yours jetted cleanly like I have with the JD kit, it won't change the fact that the TMX is the most sensitive carb I've ever had on a bike. A temp change of only a few degrees (5-7F) requires the AS to be readjusted. The performance change is that noticeable. Very aggravating even for a casual ride, worse if you're racing it.

Also, a number of people report very good results with the PWK - do a search on here.

Perhaps, as Faded mentioned, having the squish altered will allow it to be jetted cleanly with the TMX, but I can't comment on it since I haven't had mine machined.


yes get the pwk..but find out if the boots will fit it correctly though..i think this is over looked when doing the switch

i too have run the b8es plugs(cheaper here) with no problems. with that said, they say that you may get some electrical interference if you use a non resistor plug,with the CDI. i could see it on a bike with TPS, but on a standard carbed bike, i have never had a problem. i talked with a friend of mine that works in the communications field in the military, and he was saying that the resistor plugs were being used to cut down on interference with emergency radio equipment,and was mandated by the FCC, and not so much as a precaution for the bikes electronics...i havent the slightest idea what is true, but just know that i have run the same plug with no ill effects on my bike... :thumbsup:

I am sure Honda has made some advancements here, but in the old days, the shielding in the cdi boxes were crap. The R plug was almost mandatory. In fact we even wrapped our boxes with aluminum(per the factory) to help with protection from bikes being run without the resistor caps and plugs. Tdub

If your motor is stock, you might try the BP8ES which has a projected tip. I got mine from a local quality auto parts supplier for about $2 a piece. I accidently left my choke on and rode for many miles without fouling...try that with a BR8ES. :thumbsup:

I am not finished with all my mods yet before I buy Jd jets or the pwk. I have a KX pipe coming, the only other Question I have is, should I get the 38mm or stick with a 36mm(stock) size carb. All I know is the B8es runs like no other in my bike. I will get the carb, but only after I see what the kx pipe will do to me. I emailed JD an he is going to work with me on any jets I need .. I'm just waiting to hassel him when all the other changes are done.

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