need help on old school suzuki

Hi there. Me and my dad need help on a question. We are looking up some old dual range dual purpose motorcycles. And we want to know when was the last year they made dual range motorcycles. Also what was the biggest dual range bike they had.

thanks for any and all help.

Are you talking about something like an RMX, or something like the DRZs they still make? I think 04 was the last RMX. Husky and KTM have the platable bikes now.

When you say "Dual Range" I'm assuming that your talking about today's "Dual Sport" Machines ~ like the DRZ-400 or even the on/off road version of the SV650. But because you specifically stated "old school" Suzuki's, then to me your talking about early eighty's and older. And those bikes were called Enduro's. Problem is, there was 2 types of enduro's back then. The PE's (175, 250 and 400) which were actual enduro racers and the TS series (175, 250 and 400) which were street legal and came with turn signals. You could also lump in the DR's of yesteryear (200, 250, 370, 400 and maybe 500), and let's not forget the RS's which were RM frame and suspension/PE powered hybrids. Of course, this only covers the US models...

As you can see, it would be a lot easier if you could nail down a year and model because your choices are almost endless!

Check this web site out if your not sure:

Suzuki made the TC series in the 70's that had dual range trannys

He means dual range tranny, 4 gears in low, 4 in high.

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