f*cked up rims

My dad came home early today with a brand new tire for his '97 XR600R, and while in the process of removing it we noticed this on the rear rim.


It's right on the seam where is was put together originally, i'm not sure but could you tack that or weld it? Will it break as is? Do we have to buy an entire new rim altogether?

Also, while we are talking about rims, when my dad bought the bike 3 or so years ago, he noticed that the front rim was really bent from someone hitting a rock.


Could you just support the entire rim and take a piece of wood and hit it so it would sorta bend back normal? Or do we need a new front rim too?

The Bend isnt too serious, he's been riding with it like that since he got it. We are just sorta worried about the cracked rim, he's never seen one on any of the bikes he's worked on in the pat 30 years so were sorta clueless here.

Does anyone know how much roughly a front and a rear rim would cost?


Rims can cost from 100-150 each.

You could have that crack welded. I wouldn't worry about the dent in the front. If you wanted to try to fix it, take the tire off, tighten a large cresent wrench on the rim edge and bend it back. It could crack it though.

Contact Chris at www.Blaisracingservices.com , he may still have some stock "take-off" rims left.

If it were my butt on the bike I would replace both and not take any chances. You could find some stockers on ebay, Or call Kamell at www.albakersxrsonly he would be glad to set you up with some nice aluminum excell rims about $160 each, and new spokes $60 each wheel.Oh by the looks of your front valve stem your about to need new tubes too. A failure of one wheel at speed will KILL you, EH!!!!! :thumbsup::lame::p:bonk::eek::bonk:

Your valve stem is slightly bent,this may be caused by running with very low pressure while hard stopping or hard accel.The rims can be welded but it's up to the welder to do a good job.Be safe...

Looks kike somebody is hell on wheels (literally).

That's a fatigue crack. The rim is toast. You could weld that crack closed, but it is very likely that others will form.

check motosportoutlet for rims. they have pro rims for less than excels.

That's a fatigue crack. The rim is toast. You could weld that crack closed, but it is very likely that others will form.

YUP...weld it and use it while you can get a new one.It will eventually break somewhere else.

rebelventurer -

Are you trying to link to xrxonly.com? The one you posted doesn't work, and if there's a new incarnation of Al Baker's shop I want to know :thumbsup:


Rick, yes sorry in my favorites it says al bakers xrs only, but your right that don't work, www.xrsonly.com does work. I do not know if it is a new carnation I have been buying parts from Kamell since febuary with no problems and great service, honest answers to my many questions. :thumbsup:

My dad didnt put the dent in the front wheel, the guy he bought it off had two 600's exactly the same, so he checked one out, and the guy must have swapped rims or gave my dad the other bike when he went to pay for it.

I'm not a big fan of ebay, i'd rather just head up to guelph and order it from royal distrubuting or get the stuff and have some rim specialist put the spokes on.

Looks like were gonna have a full dirtbike christmas

Looks pretty good 84$ for Front and 80$ for Rear Excel rims, although it's american, still not as bad as i though.

Couldnt find anything on XR's only though

Thanks for all the replies

Btw, My dad has never crashed or dropped his dirtbike since he got it, he just rides the sh*t out of it.

Where did you find excel rims for that price? I ride the sh*t out of mine and end up falling when I am putting around with the kids. no big deal its wierd though that you can run through some trails at 65 and never have a problem, your riding at 10 mph following my 5 year old and you wash the front end out!

Nevermind, I'm a tool, I looks at XR600 then went right to the edge and it was the spokes for 80$>< rims are roughly 130ish, but colored are 20$ more


EDIT: &%$#@!! I look around and see an "ads by google" in the bottom saying "Motorcylce Rims" so i click on it and i go to a website where biker singles can meet....

try kamell at www.xrsonly.com he has treated me right the last few months, go a qoute for new black rims $160 ea stainless spokes $60 ea wheel, that was before my discount, email him at rideaide@aim.com cant hurt, maybe it will help if we both buy at the same time, I need 4 rims and new spokes too. :thumbsup:

That is capitalism my friend see you coming one way steer you off the way they want you to go. :thumbsup::lame::p

My dad doesnt want coloured rim, when we go to use our tire irons it'll leave some nice marks on the edge, but i'll check it out.

I cant find any rims on the xrsonly website under the xr600 part... am i just stupid or what? :thumbsup:

Well, I sent the guy an e-mail for a quote

the silver ones scratch too, I love the black ones what I do it put some of that clean release masking tape on the rim it really helps. take your time warm the tire up and spray with silicone yes you will have to use an iron but not as much.

Yea, The black rims on the new KTM's in Dirtbike Magazine look pretty sharp.

After talking with my dad, We decided on probably just going with the Rear, he's been riding with a shit front rim since day 1, and it hasnt slowed him down.

He wasn't planning on spending lots of money on Rims, We were gonna swap his current exhaust with something a lot lighter, The exhaust on the 600 is a tank, so much excess weight.

I had the same crack on my rim last year, I took the tire off and had it welded for $50 or so. I rode the sheet out of her for three days and then put the ole' gray mare out to pasture as a curb hopper to ferry my fat butt to work and back for the past year.

No problems with the wheel. I have a dent similar also, but not as big.

I would probably let that rim go and find another after the big dent and the would be weldable crack. I comes down to $$$! This is not a cheap sport by any means, you have to pay too play!

Yea, we were gonna get it welded, and then were gonna ride until winter, then start doing some work on our bikes. Should hold up for a few more weekends

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