WeaponMX gas tank foam

Hey I was checking out that foam WeaponMX sells and I was wondering if anyone has used it yet? How does it work?

look in the off road forum... i think theys a thread about this stuff or soemthing similar right now

what is it?

is it the foam that stops the gas from moving around in your tank? it seems like a good idea but i dont know if i'd be able to notice it

I guess its gas tank foam that stops the gas from sloshing around. It's supposed to make the bike handle better.

From what I have herd they dont work good and people came up with problems. I dont remember exactly but if you can get the search to work try it and you'll come up with something.

I just read all four or five pages of the last thread on this and not one guy has tried it... I checked out WeaponMX's myspace page and there has been a bunch of guys saying how it really helped in their comment section.

HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY TRIED IT? Or are we a bunch of theorists?

Comment; "hey guys, i was out at the track havin an ok day but i was kinda out of it. then my dad told me he was putting some foam in my gas tank and i was like, dude. your gonna catch me on fire. anywas i tried it out and as soon as i hopped on the bike i notcied a huge differance. it was like i was on a 2 stroke 125 again. i had so much more control and was way more comfortable. leaning it over in corners, scrubbing jumps, HUGE differance in the balance through the whoops ( not as much as the 2 pipes though, haha ) the product is amazing. keep up the good work. "

I just wanna hear from someone on here.

I'm afraid of the gas breaking down the foam and it entering my engine with foam. Ever put gas in a plastic cup?

This is mil-spec stuff made for fighter planes. I don't think it would melt if its going in a billion dollar B-1 Bomber. I'm guess it would'nt matter... Anyone run it yet?

The local MX shop had it on display at the counter. They had two large jars; one was simply filled with water, the other was filled with water and also with the foam. When you took each jar and tilted it severly side to side, the jar with the foam/water had significantly less "top-heaviness". The principal is the same thing as large tanker trucks use....simply a form of baffling to keep the mass of water acting as a weight.

In theory, your bike having the fuel up high would be less affected by the fuel sloshing around. I think if this stuff sold for about $ 15, I'd give it a try, but at about $ 45 or $ 50, they can forget it.

I guess $15 foam would probably melt!

I'm sure that it probably cost them about $ 12 or less in materials.....the rest is advertising and hype.

There are many types of foam/plastic, etc. that are not going to be affected by gasoline. The owner of the shop told me that tight trail rider's seem to like it's performance.

Man, every year I spend $600-700 bucks getting my suspension dialed in from some pretty good suspension companies. I can't say whether or not it's saving me much time on the track but everybody that is using G-Zero is saying that they can save 2+ seconds a lap. That is insane. $50 bucks versus $700 is huge and I know I would be stoked if my $700 would save 2 seconds a lap.

Ummm, I should just go get some. It couldn't hurt.

Your gas is fully loaded at the front of the tank before you are anywhere near the apex (where grip is likely to be exceeded.)

Man, I can't imagine spending that kind of dough on something so stupid. You punks really have it easy... If Jody Weisel was standing there at that blind corner bouncing basketball size rocks off your gas tank, you'd all crash and go cryin' to mommy for some stupid foam to keep your sloshing gas from upsetting your balance.

There was a review in the last TWMX mag on the foam. They were skeptical at first but said they could really feel a difference. $50 is way too much to pay for foam. Would an old air filter work or would it eventually break down in the gas? Hmmm, I might have to experiment with that. I can see it now, some kid cuts chunks of foam from an old seat cushion, puts it in his tank and it melts completely, clogging his carb :thumbsup:

In the early 80's I raced circle track dirt cars.

One year I raced a 67 Camero in a "sportsman" type class, which is simliar to running late model modified, but with a factory frame. (327ci +30over, pushing ~410HP@7800)

The first half of the season I ran a stock fuel tank. Then we mounted a fuel cell, which is basically a box filled with a 308 stainless mesh, and the difference was phenominal.

Hookup in the strart of the turns was the difference of night and day. The stock tank would slosh and help to kick the back end around...but I never noticed that until the fuel cell was mounted. It was a completely different race car.

Off topic...but I really miss those days...got to race against some big timers, even though I was a local hack barely having registration money each week.

Back then, running against folks like CJ Rayburn was par for the course.

I remember when Bobby Allison pulled in to the track one weekend with two semis full of cars and parts.

I was the first driver to completely total a car on that track. Was pushed into the wall by an asphault idiot that had few clues about running dirt. After rolling three times and being hit twice in the process, my stock Nova was done for. You can NEVER have too much roll cage on those things.

That 1/2mile dirt track is now the best MX track in Indiana, Podium 1. :thumbsup:

I don't see $50 to be alot for this foam stuff. For the amount of money I see people spend on their bikes around here, I am surprised no one has gone to their shop this week and picked it up. Hell, most of you are sponsered by local shops that give you free crap, can't you ask them to hook you up. If it works, you spread the word in the local market and people go purchase it from the shop.

I paid $35 for a foam airfilter, $15 more for something that could increase your speed seems like an obvious thing to try.

Sorry, I don't race. If I did, and 2 seconds was a big deal to me, I think I would give it a go!

I'm sure we can get Sick250pinger to try the stuff in his $32,000 KX. He already spent 32K...whats another $50. Tell him it will make his bike a works for sure!

Digilubjay - I totally agree.. That's all I keep reading is that people don't think it's going to do anything. But, than they try it and bang their believers. I have not heard from one person that has tried it say it didn't work! Everyone that says its stupid has never tried it. I wonder if the world would still be considered flat if everyone had the same attitude? Would we all be riding horses instead of mx bikes??? I guess that would solve the noise problem. LOL.

I'm afraid of the gas breaking down the foam and it entering my engine with foam. Ever put gas in a plastic cup?

Ever put gas in a plastic tank?

Obviously, it depends on the plastic.

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