96 cr250 clutch freeplay

hey guys, I killed my clutch on the weekend, and pulled it apart last night and replaced the fibres & steels, when putting it back together i noticed that there was a large amount of free play between the clutch pushrod end and the hub which it pushes out. Why would this be? I have put it back together exactly the way I took it apart and it is almost like i need to pack it out with an extra thick washer any ideas

its probably worn

do you have a service manuel? i believe that during a rebuild, this part requires inspecting, if its worn past its service limit..time for a new one. if you dont have one i could look it up in mine, our motors are pretty much the same..let me know

yea I have a manual and I was looking at the end of the pushrod where it shows the washers and it appears I have all of them. The pushrod end that goes in to the center of the engine is very worn I thought that might be the reason but if you take the washers off one end , that end is good, so I swapped it round (put the washers on the worn end and the new end in towards the center) it made no difference. The free play I'm refering to is gap between the washers and the clutch hub which goes on the outside of the basket. if i pull the lever in the rod has to go at least 3mm before it hits the outside hub to push the clutch out. do you get what I mean punkrock

you may just have a stretched, worn out cable. use the adjustment behind the front # plate to kake up the majority of the slack, then make any fine tunings at the perch...FWIW, i usually change the cable when the clutch gets replaced... :thumbsup:

its not the cable because I'm manually pulling the lever behind the cover on the other side

snap a few pics of it and post them. im trying to picture what washers there are, and the only ones that i know of are the washers that go on with the bolts for the clutch springs...

on this diagram, fig.#20 is installed with a spring clip. is this what you are referring too?


yea sweet, there is freeplay between the end of rod (13) which has 1,20,21,11 on the end of it and hub 10

are you sure that the pushrod is fully engaged in the cable attachment on the other side of the motor? fig. #6


Yea I have taken that cover off and i am manually moving part 6

Yea I have taken that cover off and i am manually moving part 6

some freeplay there is normal.

yea sweet, there is freeplay between the end of rod (13) which has 1,20,21,11 on the end of it and hub 10
There has to be a significant amount of free play there to allow the clutch to fully engage after the plates wear down. That's what's happening as you adjust your clutch cable for clutch wear; you're using up some of that free play. How much free play travel are you measuring on the rod?

Like 5mm before it engages and pushes the rod out?

this may sound crazy but I am going to try and explain this in terms of an analogue clock...

part no.6 would be at 3 oclock before i lift it upwards (counter clockwise) and it moves the rod out

5 mm seems reasonable to accommodate wear on all the plates. You could probably add up the allowable wear on all the plates from the Service Manual and the sum should be something a little less than the free play you're measuring......

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