white bos alum. pro 2 with e2 spark arrestor... will it pass 96 db. sound test????

HI i have a wb aluminum pro 2 race muffler and would like to run a hare scramble but the sound limit is 96 db. If i got a insert form an e2 with a spark arrestor would it be quiet enough? I think they are the same canister just different endcaps and the race series is un spark arrested. If anybody knows that woud be great. I would love to try a hare scramble because my mx season ended yesterday and i still would like to ride. Oh yea... it on a 05 yz250f...

97chevy :thumbsup:

Anybody??? KIndo of need to know since I know for sure the stock pipe wont pass. Also the endcap i have right now is like 100 dbs. so i know that wont pass for 96.

White Bros might be the one to ask. Any answer you get on this forum is at best based on the experience with another bike and muffler and that probably isn't exactly the same as yours.


Ok i'll try that... thanks for the reply. Atleast someone responded....


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