Oil leaking out of silencer

I have a 2001 YZ 125 with a new procircuit spark arrested silencer on it and it is starting to leak oil out of the end cap. I dont know what would cause this so if anyone could help me, im not sure if it is the jetting or the gas mixture, but i cant find a way to make it stop! any help please

thanks John

You are jetted too rich. The ratio of oil to gas has very little if no effect on the amount of oil being blown through the exhaust. Begin to study jetting.

Its fine if the rim of the silencer has a little bit, but if it is literally dripping spooge, then your jetting is too rich. Like husabutt said, gas mixture would have very little effect on the amount of oil on the silencer, different brands of oil might have a bigger effect because some burn cleaner, but again it will barely make a difference at all.

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