Got my radiator lowering kit

I finally got the lowering kit for the 06 yz250f. After reading reviews and waiting to see what people said, i got the opportunity to try it. This thing rocks. I immediately noticed the flick-ability of the bike, very easy to go from side to side on a fast s shaped turn. It is much easier to lean the bike over also. I noticed that i had to adjust the way i was going through turns. An example is, normally going through a bowl turn i would take the full turn. After the lowering kit, my turns became much sharper so that i would turn sharper than i needed to. After i got used to it, i noticed that my corner speed was better and much less effort was needed to go faster through the turns.

This thing really made a noticeable difference in my opinion. I waited for a while to be convinced, and now i'm sold.. Great mod for this bike.

Anyone thinking of getting the lowering kit should do so, you will love it.. :thumbsup:

is it the same thing for the YZ450F?

thank you :thumbsup:

is it the same thing for the YZ450F?

thank you :thumbsup:

I do not Know. It would seem to me that the kit would also work for that bike, but do you really need it?

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