spring rate for 190lbs?

Hi everyone,

I have an '06 yz125 and I can't get good sag #s with the stock spring. I have 100mm or so of race sag and 0mm free sag. I weigh about 190 "au natural". Is there anyone here about the same weight who could post their sag numbers and spring rate? I would like to start with the correct rate in the rear, and match that up with (maybe?) a heavier rate in the front. I'm actually very happy with the suspension, but I think it would be better if the rear spring wasn't topped out...

Thanks in advance!

i am 190lb and my bike(06yz125) came setup with 95mm of race sag from factory i have no problem getting proper race sag and static sag.

The manual shows the stock spring weight range from 110-154 lbs.

There's no way you have proper sag numbers @ 190 lbs with the stock spring.

If you have 95mm race sag, you will have 0 free sag. Too much preload.

Anybody else?

When I set up my suspension I just went to the RaceTech site RaceTech Site and maneuvered through the menus to get to their online spring rate calculator.

It turns out that a guy I worked with is a rep for them on the side so he got me springs a bit at a discount. He did mention that in his opinion RaceTech did a better job than most into calibrating their springs. I'm not sure if he said that because he works with them or if it is common industry knowledge.

If you are going to change the shock spring it makes sense to do the fork too.

Here's their recommendation with your info. It looks like it is pretty close to the stock setting...

Type of Riding: Motocross

Rider Weight: 190 lbs

Recommended Spring Rate: 0.429 kg/mm (use closest available)

Stock Fork Spring Rate (measured): .420 kg/mm (stock)

Available FRSP 4445 Series Springs are:

FRSP 444542 RT FRK SPR 44x450mm .42kg $109.99

FRSP 444544 RT FRK SPR 44x450mm .44kg $109.99

Hope this help,


Thanks for the reply Bruno.

It looks like the fork springs are fine. That makes sense since the fork feels just great. Maybe I'll put a .44 in one leg to make it .43

The Race Tech generator recommends a 4.84 for the shock, so 4.9 is closest. That's the next step up from the stock spring...

Keep 'em coming!

P.S. I guess I didn't say: this is for woods. I'm an "A" woods rider, but I like moto suspension.


Go for a 5.0 and run 102-104 sag

Go for a 5.0 and run 102-104 sag. Or 4.9 if you want run 100mm to 95mm sag.


I weigh 190 and had my suspension revalved by Factory Connection for woods. They went with a 5.2 on the rear. 105mm race sag and it works like magic. My bike is a YZ250 so I am not sure if that makes much difference.


Thanks for the replies.

Toby, the 250 weighs about 20# more than the 125, but your input is still helpful, I think... what is your static measurement?

Go for a 5.0 and run 102-104 sag. Or 4.9 if you want run 100mm to 95mm sag.

Shouldn't that be the other way around, and run the lighter spring for more sag? What are your static numbers?

Thanks again, and keep it coming. Please include: bike, spring rate, your weight, static sag, and race sag. This is just the kind of stuff I need!

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