Temperature Related Carb adjustments?

as the weather gets colder unlike other DRZ's my bike is running more and more poorly......though when it gets fully heated (30min of riding not idleing) does it ride normal. :thumbsup: you can actually hear the engine pitch change after 30 min progressively getting louder as power is also increasing.

Starts ok if choke is on. i will let it idle for 5min and then go but it runs like a dog until i really start pounding on it 20-30min it will then start to open up. but no where near what it ran like in the summer months. so my newb ? is what adjustments to the carb are associated with Temperature.......or is it another issue?

current set up:


jet kit


25 pilot

2.25 turns on the fuel screw

clip 2 dj needle

and if it is all in my head well........ :lame: anyways thanks for your time

more main jet.

maybe a 152.5 which i dont have or go to the 155 from the kit?

155 from the kit.

I was thinking about going to the 155 also, I just added the FMF Powerbomb header and with my drilled out stock muffler I might get a bit of power by switching.

Can the main jet be switched by just rotating the carb? I forgot where it's placed inside the carb :thumbsup:

Ron W.

Main jet's underneath.You gota remove the float bowl to access.

Colder air mean denser air, right? What about adjusting the fuel screw?

fuel screw is idle and just above.no effect on WOT.

fuel screw is idle and just above.no effect on WOT.

DING!!!! The light just came on! Finally starting to understand all this carb tuning (although I have a long way to go). Thanks Eddie!

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