Help!! Stearing Stem Leak

My stearing shaft/stem is leaking grease out the bottom of the shaft onto the triple clamp and when i go on camping trips for extended amounts of riding time, it leaks enough to run off on to the fender. There are no seals for the stearing shaft are there? How do I fix this so that it does not leak? Help!

what type of grease are you running? If heated up a lot some of the grease will liquify and it will run.

What year bike do you own? If you own a steel framed model you need to religiously keep an eye on the bearings and grease in the neck because the hot oil in the frame will heat up the frame in that area and will break down the grease much quicker than normal. It is normal for them to leak somewhat, but to just let it go and go is not normal and you will be putting new bearings in before you know it. Keep them lubed up regularly and you will be fine.

OWENLO :thumbsup:

ok ya that makes sense. Yes it is a steel frame model so I will just keep them regularly lubed. thanks guys.


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