I am going to get a KX soon, either a 125 or 250, and i was wandering what the most quiet exhaust is that anybody makes for them. If you can, list the decibel level along with the name of the exhaust. Im going to be riding at my home track and all of my neighbors already dont like me ,so i dont want to piss them off much more.

post in kawasaki two stroke forum, i have FMF fatty and turbinecore2 on mine and i like it performance wise, not exactly quiet tho-not exactly loud either

FMF Q is the quietest I've tried, IMO.

gah i remeber seeing an ad for a silencer that slips over your exhaust and lit like loops back and forth and makes it super super super quiet like 70Dbs or something. but i cant for the life of me rember whats its called. i saw it in the back of a mag. any one know?

FMF Gnarly (Thicker wall) and their QUietest S/A Silencer (I'd call them...I think they have some new "Quiter" products)

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