Tank compatability?

Hey all, just been searching for a new tank on my wr426f. I dont want an oversize, cause I have been racing supermoto lately. I need an oem piece. So i guess my question is...

Will 250f and 450f tanks fit my bike, cause there is a heck of a lot more of them on ebay, and their cheaper?

I know the yz 400-426 stuff will fit, but not sure on the 250-450.

Anyone with help would be awsome! cheers

I have seen pictures of a 426 with a 450 tank but there is more work than you might expect such as the subframe, airbox, and seat.

Best thing to do would be to find a friend with one of the other bikes and check it out.

2003-2005 250F and 450f tanks are the same.

I have an OEM WR tank from a 02 WR 426 for sale. PM me for the details.

If You Want A New Tank Of Oem Size, Check Out Clarke Tanks, They Sell Stock Capacity Tanks That Are Lighter And Not Bad Priced Either.

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