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Little intro and a thanks to Rick Johnson at Too Tech Racing

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Hello all fellow thumpers and smokers. I just realized I havent started a thread, and though I have replied to a few I thought I would formally introduce myself. Im Jeremy and Im a dirt bikaholic, Im fairly new to riding (only riding about 1 1/2 years) and it has been the absolute greatest time of my life. I used to ride alot of BMX and mountain bike so motocross is a nice transition. Its definitely a great sport.

ok so on to the semi tech related part of my thread which is why its in the suspension section....

First off let me quickly say that I am not affiliated in any way with too tech racing, I went there because he came highly reccomended by many people that I ride with who have been riding for many years. That said I just got my suspension reworked by Rick and the difference is incredible! :lame: I cannot believe how much better my bike is now. Before my bike would not handle for crap, getting the bike to track in ruts and turning in general definitely left something to be desired, jumping was a joke, and the ride was terribly harsh and would quickly tire me out as a result of the suspension riding too low. One of the biggest issues I had was a lack of confidence in my bike. Well now that has all been solved. My confidence is there, the bike does what I want it to, and its just not the same bike. Confidence goes a very long way in this all or nothing sport.

Im sure peoples experience with suspension setup will vary drastically and your level of increased handling will probably differ greatly dependent upon your weight, skill level, and riding style. Being at 6'4" 230lbs. my bike simply is not setup for that amount of weight. This has been the single best upgrade to my bike I have made yet, and I think most people out of the "target factory riding weight" would greatly benefit from some sort of suspension retuning. I only had one chance to ride it last saturday at AV motoplex in SoCal but this wednesday/thurday Ill be back at another track again. Im thinking I-5, piru, or racetown, anyone wanna go? The only adjustment I made was to slow the rear rebound because the rear end was swapping a little bit, but other than that I cant wait to give her some more seat time and see how the motos go.

Ive seen Rick before at the track tearing apart one of his customers suspensions in the back of his van trying to help fine tune the suspension. If hes at the track you are riding, which if your in SoCal he rides often so theres a good chance youll run into him, hell watch you ride and tweak your ride a little bit. This was a testament to his commitment to his work and love for the sport. :p

Ill will give more updates as to whats going on if anyones interested. All I know for all future bikes that I buy my suspension will be immediately dropped off with Rick for a go juice to be installed in the springs. :thumbsup: So if anyone in Los Angeles area needs suspension work, quick turn around, and good work you know who to call. I also thought I would mention him on here because I tried searching and I couldnt find any information on his business and work. I seen a few other threads about different places to have your suspension worked and Im sure they all do a very good job, especially when its going to be that drastic of a difference as it was with me. Happy riding, and be safe! :bonk:

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