engine cutting out at redlights?!


3 times today in city driving my DRZ just died at a red light. No warning, no puttering or stalling...just died.

Granted earlier this week I messed up my radiator cap and the bike overheated. I've since replaced the cap with a new stock OEM. Did 50 miles of highway with no probs today, then headed into stop & go traffic in the city and it's been cutting out. Starts right back up after the problem.

Any ideas?

i had the same problem , i had partially blocked jets in the carb . i cleaned the carb thoroughly and it now runs sweet .

try draining the float bowl first it might come good , otherwise its the carb removal drama

Thanks for the tip. Just bought the bike and I think the carbs need a cleaning as you say. I ordered the JD kit yesterday so as soon as that comes in i'm doing the 3x3, carb clean & jetting.

my SM was stalling quite a bit...

mech buddy told me to turn up idle a little

don't have that problem any more

might work for you..if draining the bowl dosen't do it.

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