Clutch Replacement

I've searched and can't find what I'm looking for...

I'm gonna replace the clutch disk in my kids bike it's a 2001 CR80 anyways do I have to drain the coolant or can I just pop the cover off I'm planning on changing the oil so I'm goona drain that but confused about the coolant. :thumbsup:

i think on the 80's you have to drain the coolant. i dont see a separate clutch only cover on the diagram...


The way it looks I think I will have to drain the coolant,I also read is another thread about removing the water pump nut,will I have to do that before the cover will come off.I have a manual on order but looking for some quicker advise.

The impeller does not need to come off(Kx/RM65)...but the coolant does need to be drained. Tdub

KOOL Thanks,Tdub this will be an easy job.

I installed the clutch today,about 45 min. and 1 cold one got the job done, thanks for the help,everyone.BTW I didn't drain the coolant just pulled the hoses off the water pump and lost very little, topped it off and the kid ripped the yard up!!! :thumbsup:

I installed the clutch today


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