Yosh Rs-2?

that would be cool if this is legit

So what is the word?? I was ready to buy the yosh ti pipe untill i saw this anybody know anything???

I imagine it will be a while until someone can dyno it against the Yosh Ti. Still has the potato I see. :lame: Maybe just a redesign with better packing? I would think they would call something new like that the RS-4 :thumbsup: Oh well, Japan is kind of a strange place anyway. :p

i was just curious if it was a typo or not...

could someone from the thumpertalk store find out if this thing is coming out and what a price is?

It's a very nice looking exhaust but from what I can gather it's among their most quiet and heaviest,with all the extra packing they put in.You don't get the Ti muffler either like the super light TRC series which I think is still their top dog for the DRZ.

SS header and mid..... oval can......but if they wanted quiet pipes why is it just for the SM?

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