leaky gas tank - new to forum

Hi Guys, i'm new here, tried to do a search for this but was told site too busy to complete it, so apologies if anything like this has already been discussed.

I was riding to work recently and when I got in I had gas all over the bottom of my pants. I wondered it it was a gasket leak (but wasn't getting a drop in power) or a fuel line leak.

When I took off the front plastics (the ones around the radiator) I notice they bolt straight into the fuel tank (this seems stupid). Anyway the top rightside hole is constantly leaking gasoline and it is dripping down into the engine and manifold and me.

Has anyone experienced this before? I can't imagine that fastening anything directly into a fuel tank could make much sense.

My dealer said he would replace my tank with the tank of another bike in the shop (nice guy) and try to warranty the tank, but I'm wondering if this is a common problem or something Husqvarna is likely to reject because it has never happened before.

Also, anyone tried the Leo Vince slip ons? They sound amazing, wondering what the experience is with power improvement.


Nope that's a new one I think. Which model/year? sounds like a molding flaw which means Husky should replace it. Good reaction on the part of the dealer, tho...

I bought the bike only a couple of months ago, so I'm assuming it is a 2006?

I've got a stock tank I can sell (un-used) - came off of a '07 TE 510 - with the cute Husky cap. PM me if interested.


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