broken oil drain bolt in a 2005 525exc??????

I have a 2005 525exc and the drain bolt in the bottom of the motor is striped. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

You"ll have to chisel it out. Sorry. There are aftermarket bolts to replace it with. If you can"t find anything with the search button go to KTM talk and do a search. Plenty of answers for this one over there. This is a very common problem. Be sure to use an anti seize when installing a new one. Good luck

If there are no aftermarket bolts and it as an odd size (i.e. no hardware store will have this size) why not retap it to a different more common size once you get the old one out?

You can order a replacement from Brap or Enduro Egineering. Probobly made by the same people.

Thanks for the answers so far. But the drain bolt is still in the motor. Its not the threads that are striped, its were the wrench goes in the end of the bolt thats striped. The plug is stuck in the case. I thought about drilling a hole through it and using an "ez-out" but I am worried about metal shavings in the motor.

This method was used to remove a plug overtightened by the factory

07 250xcf mig welded the 8mm hex socket to the head of the drain plug.

tacked in three places, mig welder on low heat . 3/8 12" breakover wrench ,plug came right out.

Thank you, I will try that.

So the bolt is intact the head is just stripped? Why not try a set of Needle nose vise grips/clamps? I seem to remember on my 03 450exc that there is little room around the bolt due to the bottom of the engine cases but if there's room try a normal pair of vise grip clamps instead of needle nose, they will hold better. Then replace the bolt...

I cant get enough of the vice grip jaws on there. I tried that already. Thanks though. I will try welding the wrench to it and see if that works.

lol that things really in there hu? I thought the vice grips might be to big. I guess the weld would be the next best bet. I've ran into a problem changing my oil too. Not with the drain pug. Getting the freakin screens out. I stripped them both. I didn't use the wrong tool didn't do anything chancy. The freakin thing just stripped. I just left them in there for that oil change because I was short for time and they've never been dirty before, but I'm getting close to another oil change so I guess we'll see what I can do. hopefully they will come out with a little larger allen wrench and a lil tap from a hammer. I've done it before but never on a engine part. I'm a Little worried about making more work for myself but I wont know till I get in there.

Use an ezout tool for the screens. You should be able to find one about the right size then install new ones.

Thanks for the answers so far. But the drain bolt is still in the motor. Its not the threads that are striped, its were the wrench goes in the end of the bolt thats striped. The plug is stuck in the case. I thought about drilling a hole through it and using an "ez-out" but I am worried about metal shavings in the motor.

ez-outs only work if there is no (or not much) torque on the bolt. Otherwise they snap.

One thing I have had marginal success with is pounding the next size allen wrench into the stripped out hole. The pounding will help it break loose too if it is frozen.

Of course welding something on the probably the best way to do it.

Once you get it out:

I know this is a bit late but i have just had this happen to the small oil screen bottom of the engine. i used a number 10 torx hammered it in very carefully and hey presto out it came ordered new one job done. oh yeah this is a very common problem :mad:

Zipty Racing has a replacment bolt for the bottom allen bolt as well as magnetic drain plus for the rest of the bike. They are really good. there number is 760-244-7028

On my 04, what I found works best for loosening the bolts before an oil change. Is to ride the bike let it get to operating temp, then break them loose. Let the bike cool a bit, then change oil clean screens.


Well, this just happened to me also. I just recently paid over $100 for the local shop to change my oil also. Both screen bolts were factory tight. They must have missed (yea right) cleaning the screens during my break in check/cleaning.:mad:

This has been a problem since 2001!!!! Why doen't KTM switch the bolts. The allen at the bottom is soooo soft and way over tight from the factory.

:eek: :eek:

wit has a KTM

I read that you are supposed to give them a whack with a hammer/wood block to break the thread seating before trying the allen key.

Also to use a good quality allen key head socket and T -bar (not a L key).

Re-torque to the correct spec and use anti-seize.

:eek: :eek:

wit has a KTM

No, its a buddies bike that I was working on.

You can cut a slot in the bolt head with a dremel tool and use a hammer and cold chisel to loosen it.

The lower oil screen bolt is supposed to be tightened to 7lbs only!!!

I split 2 already myself - get after market with a bolt head instead of allen.

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