just picked up a TT 500

Hello there, i just picked up a 77' TT 500 for a few bucks and i love it. it runs awesome. i am going to college in VT. and wanted somthing to fart around on (couldnt bring up the 450) so i just picked this monster up for 250 bucks. it was previously set up for ice racing/ flat track and i wish to convert it back to a more off road/ MX setup. it doesnt have any plastics unfortunatly but a bunch of other spare parts. has a street bike front end, (no front brakes)i think he said its from an older kaw but im not sure. it has the 19 inch front tire and i was wondering if the make a knobby for the 19 incher? if not back home in NJ we have an old Husky cr 500 chasis sittin in the shed and i was gonna see if it would fit on it, disc brakes too. also if anyone knows of any where to get plastics for it that would be awesome, i tried bike bandit and some others but they seemed to have discontinued the fenders and side panels. or if there are any fenders off another bike that would fit, that would be cool. ( front would be easy, back not so much) also are there any after market exhausts for it? my pops had one a while back and i think there was somthin shiny on there hehe, super trapp maybe? well any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks alot!!

P.S sorry its so long lol

What color are you looking for? I have a set of brand new black one's that would fit on it, actually they are XT style but the only real difference is the left side has a lock instead of just the knob... I have the stuff to mount them up as well.

Let me know, send me a PM.

I might have some other stuff laying around as I used to have a 79.


PM sent

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