twisted rad

well, i know this comes up a lot, but the search is disabled....again.

so, my dad dropped his bike and managed to crunch the rad on his 2001 wr250.

i dont know if it can be fixed. (i'll post a pic later). is there any other rads that fit the wr250? will the yz 125 or 250 fit? what about the yzf? if so, will the shrouds line up?

the rad isn leaking, its just bent up pretty bad.







theres the you think its repairable? where/who could i send it to? how much would it cost? i know a new one is 200

Haven't had personal experience with them but, apparently they do a pretty good job. For the price it is worth a try.

Myler's Radiator repair

There is a review on the home page. They do a great job. Had both of the ones on my 06 yz250f done and they are as good as new.

After being a regular Myler's customer for several years running I can attest that they are very good and have a 1 day shop turnaround. You are limited only by the shipping time to and from the shop.

Wow! I have never torqued my radiators as bad as yours. Does it leak? Mylers can sometimes fix leaks. Call them and email them the pictures before sending. Myler's sets the standard for service in the MC repair industry.

I would send it to Mylers (temporary fix) and start watching eBay for a replacement (permanent fix).

WR radiators have one more set of fins than the YZFs, but they still use the same plastic shroud. The WRF radiators are bigger because woods riders tend to run for extended times at slower speads with limited air flow which results in higher engine temps. If you ride woods or trails (especially far from your truck) I would hold out for a WR radiator, but if you ride MX you could probably get by with one YZF radiator.

That's nothing. I bent, crushed, twisted and racked my rads on the first day I had my bike. Nothing leaked and I straightened them back out with a few well placed blows with a rubber mallet, but then my OCD got the best of me. I went to bend one of the tubes that was slightly pushed in and it cracked. $100 later and it's good as new.

Then I got some Flatlands rad guards and everything was fine,......until,... I let some clown ride my bike and he crashed it into the back of his truck. Took out the rad for good. I couldn't risk the wait to send it out because I had an event the next weekend, so I forked out the cash for a new one from Yamaha; $300+ with overnight shipping.

If you can wait, definitely go with Mylers. I would have on both occassions, but time was an issue. My friend used them and was very happy, as was every other person I have ever heard of using Mylers. I have never heard one bad thing about them. I ought to send my crashed one out to them so it's ready when I need it.

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