XR600 stator differences?

Ok I have a little problem I hope someone can shed some light on. I have a 96 XR600 that I am replacing the motor on from one out of a 90 XR600. Everything went great till I found that the 90 motor has 2 wires for the stator and the 96 has 3 wires. Does anyone know if I can use the 96 stator in the 90 motor or make the 2 wire work with the 96 3 wire harness? The stators will bolt in place of one another but it looks like the stator pickups are on opposite sides of each other. Are the CDI's different?


Just checked, CDI part numbers are the same but flywheel and stator numbers are different. Can I use the 96 flywheel and stator in the 90?

Use the stator from the '96, preferably by bolting the stator case from the '96 to the '90 motor. The case-seal grommet that is molded to the wires is larger on the '96 stator than the '90 so you will have to cut it down with a blade to fit in the '90 case.

The stator on the 83-84 XR500 & 85-90 XR600 was a weak point. When it went bad the bikes were hard to start, run like crud after warmed up, etc. It was redesigned along with the cartridge suspension, rear discs, etc. that came in '91. I went through a few stators on my '84 XR-500 before I put a '91-up unit in and no problems since. I'm working out of a hotel tonite & don't have access to the bike, manuals, etc. so can't comment on the 2 wire versus 3 wire.

Was years ago & memory isn't that sharp. May have been that the grommet on the early model was larger than later model. If so then may have to cut grommet from early model to fit over later model wires.

So the 96 stator should work with the 90 flywheel?

The third (green) wire from the 96 stator is the lighting coil "ground" wire. The lighting coil on the 90 stator grounds to the stator body itself so it's only a one wire lead.

The ignition (exciter coil) wires are the black/red wires that come from both stators. They ohm different but both will work on either bike. The orientation between the two exciter coils under the flywheel makes no difference because they don't determine timing, just make power for the ignition. As mentioned in a previous post the 90 stator is a kind of a ticking time bomb on the ignition side.

You can absolutely use a 96 stator on the 90 motor. It would even make the bike more reliable. The flywheel will work with either stator.

If you do hook up the 90 stator to the 96 harness you'll need to change blue wire from the stator to a male and attach it to the white/yellow double female from the AC regulator. The black/red attaches to the black/red. One side of the green double female from the AC regualtor will just remain unattached to anything. The lights and ignition should work fine just the same.

Great!!!! I'll use the 96 stator in the 90 motor.

Thanks a million fella's!!! :thumbsup::lame:

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