Thumbs Up for Husky

What is that Green Thing on the Front Plate?

That "Green Thing" is a Novice Stripe.

That's the class I race in since I have not been doing this since the 1800's like you have Old Man.

I hear you guys used to race Covered Wagons?

Did you know John Wayne and Roy Rogers???

How about Abe Lincoln?

Very cool picture. Half the fun of racing is getting the hero shots by the pro-photographer.

Very cool picture. Half the fun of racing is getting the hero shots by the pro-photographer.

Absolutely Correct! That and the Finisher Pin!

Do this:

Click on the Link I provided in the first post, then click on "Home".

On the Left Column you can select from different Events, Click the Top one "Shamrocks Desert Scrambles".

Now, there is another Photo of me (0258) but this ain't about that!

Check out "W3", that would be my Wife, Jennifer, who severely broke her Wrist in April. I would say She's "Back in form", what do you think????

right on bob! i remeber that dry lake bed at the vikings, about 20yrds from the end i look down and was going 98 mph! #N4

also grumpy got a good one of me from the 4 aces national hare n hound, i ran my national number at that race. order 5 of those pics to send out! #N4


N4 national

#3 district 37

I will bet I am quite a bit older than both Cowboy Bob and eyehawkins and still ride, just not as fast or as often. But on a dry lakebed :thumbsup:

Stop by & say hi the next time your out,I'm hanging with Desert MC also.I think I'm going to go out & help pit next Sun. still on crutches from last Sun.

Our Son will be out there next Sun, and wants Me to pit for Him, BUT, I am getting some dental surgery done on Friday. I know I won't be riding anything by then, might show up (with Codene in hand) to help pit for him.

I hope they don't think were from the "Crips" :thumbsup:

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