How Big?

how big of a jump do ypou think i can do with my crf50. TB 88cc bore kit with race head, Two Bros. pipe, 15 tooth sprocket in frnt, Kitaco inner rotor, and TB manual clutch. also, how fast do you think it could go.


It depends on about a million things..i think the question is more how big can you go? If you have no limit...maybe a 20-30 feet..i actually am just guessing but that would be my shot in the for how say about 40ish?

147 feet

I'd say about 50 feet, but you couldnt land it.

exactly 41 feet and 5 inches. probably around 30-40 because my friend could do 25-30 on his stock 50.

depends on the lip, but about 40-45ft 3rd pinned. i dont have any jumps big enough to hit 3rd pinned, my bike could probly go over 50ft.

i cleared 30 foot jump easily with my stock 70

don't know about how far, but my bike is an 88 race head...same gearing but has 2.75 x 10 street tires and an auto clutch will do 40.61 MPH ... time after time on the radar at teh track it always at like 40.5 MPH or so... so that's probably some where around your top speed too

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