riding in water/mud?

ive only ever ridin my 450R on sand or MX Tracks..... My buddies want me to go riding up in the mountains with them in two weeks, they all have like XR350s or DR350s and such.... Im sure we will rage through mud and water, which my bike has never experianced.... Is there any special prep i should do?.... With these engines running as hot as they do, i probably dont want to rage through cold water right? for fear of cracking the engine case or something from the cold water splashing up.... i should go slow through it?.... any advice guys, about to get muddy for first time, I havent riding on anything but Sand Dunes or MOto X in about 10 years

Water and mud is all I ever ride in. No special prep needed. Sling the mud and have fun. Every weekend I come home without a bit of red plastic showing, it is covered with that much mud. Some people spray down the bike with WD40 so the mud washes off easier. I've never found it to be cost effective. It's cheaper to wash the bike before the mud dries.

The real work comes after the ride. Clean it real good and re-grease everything that gets greased.

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