"E" CDI won't work on my S???

Ok so I bought another DRZ. 2003 with a T4 exhaust and an Athena kit. THe bike runs awesome. Not as good as the S with the RHC cams and FCR 41 though. But I decided to swap out CDIs for a few minuets and see what it would be like to go to 10k instead of 9.5. But when I put the E CDI on my S it won't start. Just cranks. Put them back on their origional bikes and no problems. I thought it was a direct swap out? The E runs strong only problem is the off idle bog is extremely bad compared to my S, which has no bog, but I can sort that out. Why would the E CDI not work on the S?

not a driect swap. aftermarket cdi's (big gun, etc.) require that the green wire be clipped on s models (electric start) and no mod needed for the e model (kick). i suspect the same holds true for the stock cdi's.

AAHHHHH. That would explain the no startie.

remove the green wire from the big plug on the cdi.

FYI... stock S CDI is 10k rpm limit.

stock E CDI is 10,5k limit.

Yosh CDI is 11k...

stock ATV CDI is 9 or 9.5k...

My Tach cuts out at 9.5 with the stocker S CDI. I haven't got the others hooked up yet. I'll try the Yoshi tomorrow if I don't get rained out.

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