Fallon Nevada Rocks

To all the local riders of Fallon,

Just did the Wild Pony family Enduro Out of fallon and all I can say is you guy's have some dymanite riding areas :thumbsup:

Feel Lucky "the Desert rules!"


Thank you! That's some pretty good riding in the Dead Camel Mtns., my buddies and I ride that area all the time. Of course, it can't compare to high sierra rides in the summer! :thumbsup:

Love the mountains, mainly what I ride.

My 450 really felt at home out there, love the many wide open throttle moments and crazy trails :thumbsup:

What are the best times to ride their? assume early rains?

See ya later

Allen Martin

It's good to ride spring and fall. In the heat of summer just go out really early and plan to be done by noon. In the winter go as long as your hands can handle the cold! The first time I rode that area there was about a foot of snow all over the place. Good times.

Got family in Fallon,

Want to go back after the first couple of rains and do some of those crazy hill climbs we went past, thank's for the info.


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