MXDN on BitTorrent...

All three motos are up if you are interested. Search for MXDN...

did any of you lot come over the the uk to watch it is was a great weekend. your riders were ridin well ryan villopoto was on fire... dont no what happend to his bike the first moto tho becuase there was smoke comin from it but he still come first lol.. the only man that let your team down abit was ivan but he still rode fast just didnt look like he was as fit as the other lads as he was doin well at first then people startin over takin him. but your team did well.. well done carl :thumbsup:

For me it's been 'the year that could have been'. I am a huge JS fan. He is the fastest rider I've ever seen come up. Unfortunately, he has a little problem with maybe losing his focus when he gets under pressure and tends to wad it up. The JS you saw although good was just a fraction of what we've been seeing for the last several years. He's really backed it down since he had a couple of hard crashes earlier in the season. The MXDN's could have been an epic race with Everts and Carmichael at their peak and retiring afterward.

In spite of that I am glad to see Everts go out on such a high note. The guy is amazing to watch and at 34 you have to wonder how guys like RS and JS would fare against him at that same age.

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