Hydraulic brake switch??

Since you can't search anything on TT anymore I have to ask this. I have my 05 450exc plated in La, but I haven't done anything to it to make it legal. Nada, zilch. I have been riding enduros on it. Anyhow, now I want to start doing some dual sporting and need to get it up to the bare bones specs. I need to make the rear brake light function as it should, get a horn, and add a mirror.

Is there any particular brand of switch, horn, or mirror that has been identified as the best option?



Enduro Engineering makes a brake light switch that hooks right into the KTM wiring harness. Acerbis makes a plastic fold away mirror. No idea on a horn, though.

Hey John,

How goes it?

Thanks for the EE info, but you know how I feel about EE. I will find an alternative source.


I hear you, Chris. Let me know if you find an alternative so I can also start recommending it.

Baja Designs has the brake switch and a mirror for your bike.

KTM makes a rear brake light switch as well. It's off the Euro EXC. FWIW, I used the EE switch on my XC and it was a perfect fit and worked perfectly!


Thanks fellas, I appreciate the effort.

Got mine from sicass racing too. It's great, even have the front brake light.

Parts unlimited have KTM brake switches as well. Same brand as I got from my KTM dealer.

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