Bike Shipping/Transport????

I just purchased a dirt bike from the Sacramento area and need to get it to Orange County. After doing this I realized I need to drive up and get it. I am dreading doing that!!!! Does anyone know of a way to get it down here? Any suggestions? Know of a shipping company or a bike transporter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dang, i would think you could find someone in the regional forum that could help out. I would help you out if I was closer, but I'm 2 hours south of Sacramento. Go post in their that you will pay gas and a bit extra if someone is headed south. Odds are good something will pop up. Otherwise i would drive it, unless cost isn't an issue then just google "bike shipping" and take your pick.

Thanks Sub. I will try that. What forum do you think I should post in?

You might want to get a quote from JC Motors - they put it on a pallet, pickup, deliver, and take it off the pallet; you don't even need to drian gas or oil. Sometimes as cheap or cheaper than paying for gas.

I've used Forward Air four or five times. No prob, they're super at it, and the bike is enclosed in a metal crate made for motorcycles.

The quote showed $300 if you use the small crate which ain't cheap but you'll spend most if not all of that with gas, hotel and food. Plus it doesn't sound like you want the drive.

My .02 cents.


I shipped my CRF450 I bought from Oklahoma to Lake Forest, CA (south Orange county) with JC Motors. Very nice people, no worries, very easy to set up. They all ride too. Their office is in Costa Mesa, CA (south Orange county). I recommend them.

Good luck!

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