I ride a drz400s 2003 and I jetted the main to 160 and pilot 30. what should fuel screw be? Also are these too large for san diego? thanks ahead of time. I ride from sea level to 4000ft mostly trails some road.also did 3x3 removed can and took out cork.

way to rich.

are you using the stock needle?

yes stock needle. what would be the optimum setup?

well the stock needle is a compromise at best.

the best deal currently is the JD jetting kit.

thanks, that tells me which needles to run? If not what size are the best for my conditons?

you need to get a JD jetting kit.it has the needle thats correct.

or if you want to keep the stock needle,you need a 25 pilot jet and a 155 main jet.

thanks will do.

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