250X Front Brake Failure

My wife(beginner) and I were riding on sat. and she crashed over the side of a gravel road, and when I got the bike back on the road the front brake acts like there is no fluid in the system(Lever goes back and forth to the grip with no resistance). There is no sign of damage to the caliper, master cylinder, or line and there is fluid in the sight glass. She said she could not stop before she went off the road, but could not remember if the brake was working or not. I removed the disk guard and found one broken spoke and loose others and the wheel is crooked in forks, but I cant tell if anything is bent. My wife has fractured her T5 & T6 vertebrae in her back and lots of bruises and I am wondering if I should take the bike apart or take it to Honda. Its a 2005 and has only been ridden 37 miles. Has anyone else had this problem?




CRF 50 (5 yr old)

Common. Was her bike upside down? If so there was probably air in the system some where and now it's trapped. You need to try and bleed the crap out of it. You'll probably fix it with just bleeding it. If not, let us know.

Try to bleed it 1st.

that sucks man, I would do what the other guy's said. Hope your wife is OK.

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