plated off road bikes, protection when parked

What type of disable are people using for plated bikes that do not have a stock key switch, I have an 05 400exc that I will be plating next year and need some tips on how to keep it safe at the grocery store and work,

Thanks :thumbsup:

besides installing a key, your best bet is to lock it to something stationary and don't leave it very long. The sad truth is that you can pick up a dual sport bike and heave it into a truck real easy. Some will say to install a hidden switch, but visibly locking it is the best deterent. Let them pick on a bike that looks more vulnerable. I've got a 04 450 with no key. I always lock it to a parking meter or a guard rail. my .02$ :thumbsup:

Hidden teather cord switch and possibly a lock on disk brake.

I live and ride in New York City. Nobody steals bike by riding them away. Four guys toss it into a van and drive off, takes 15 seconds. Then they remove your immobilizer, alarm, disc lock, and any other expensive "anti-theft" devices at their leisure. All those things are pointless.

Don't even bother with the key lock. Get a HUGE chain and lock- OnGuard or Abus are excellent, and lock the bike to something solid, through the frame and one of the wheels. If you have to park the bike where you can't lock it to something solid, lock one wheel to the frame and try not to leave it out for long. The most dangerous place is where you lock it every day- that will give a bike thief time to plan.

Someone cracked a link on a Kryptonite chain I have by using bolt cutters on it (they broke their bolt cutter by the look of the chain), and I had to cut off the cracked link. It took me 15 minutes using an AC powered angle grinder, with horrible noise and a huge shower of orange sparks. That's the kind of inconvenience you're looking for.

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