Yet another smart quad rider!!!

Re: Speed............Anyone?

"im a complete noob but i would think it would go alot faster than that.. ive had my fourwheeler clocked ( riding next to a pickup ) at about 82-83 and my 426 feels a heck of alot faster than my fourwheeler in every respect... its got a 15 tooth front sprocket but that couldnt make more than a 7-8 mph difference. i would think 90 would be reasonable."

Rides a quad next to a pickup going 82-83 mph? :lame::thumbsup:

i haven't done it on a quad, but Ive done it on a bike, and in a prerunner, because neither had a accurate speedometer. The bike was around there, and the prerunner was a little less. A ton of people do it along the road in plaster city.

What's the big deal? Seems like a perfectly logical way to check top speed, no issues with tire spin. Now if the quad's alignment is toed-out, it can be very, um, exciting...

One mistake on that quad means death; to me that is a big deal.

Why is it a big deal to find out how fast a dirt machine is anyways? :thumbsup:

this may seem silly, but I just keep a GPS handheld strapped in my backpack. This way for fun I can track my progress throughout different trails on computer (e.g. what speeds were I riding on X trail 5 years ago compared to today?). I don't do it all the time (maybe 1-2 a year), but I think its a lot safer then having the truck driver lose focus to look out at the quad.

I also use a gps device and it is interesting to see just how fast the bike does go. On a lake bed my bike will hit 90mph with the stock gearing and full tuck, it could probably go faster but I didn't want to rev the bike out any longer.

i didn't hear him say anything about on asphalt or the road so why does it matter?

people really like to jump on the quad bashing band wagon around here. it's so sad that you have nothing better to do. oh well.

Sorry, but I have also done it on my old bike! Was just curious how fast I was actually going. No, it doesn't REALLY matter but I was curious. Anyway, doing it on a dirt bike is not much different than riding the highway on a d/s.


Does this thread have a point?

Does this thread have a point?

Other than to cause trouble, no there is no point in this thread.

You can't tell me you have never been curious what the top speed of anything is, it's in our nature and heritage to go bigger, better and faster. If it weren't we'd still be perfectly happy with the Honda Dream.

Does this thread have a point?

No Parvo, MXJunky believes it does not.

who gives a shit? as long as theyre not being a dumbass on the mx track going backwards on the track or doing donuts in the pits. I have to admit drag racing quads is awesome. common it may be stupid but who doesnt like going 90mph on dirt?


Quads or this thread?

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