Bolt On Damper Post for 04 model Huskys......Who makes it?

I called PTE today and he told me that someone from TT makes a bolt on post for the Scotts damper for my 04 TC-450. I am not up on the weld on ones that Scotts offers. He said he think he is in Australia but wasn't sure, do any of you guys know who he is talking about or can you tell me who to talk to so i can get one. I need one asap for a ride coming up in a few weeks. I am wanting to order a Scotts but not unless i can find a bolt on post. If not then i guess i will be going the GPR route.

Scotts is making a bolt on post now.

Scotts is making a bolt on post.

Scotts is making a bolt on post.

Scotts is only making a bolt on post for the 06-current bikes. The 05's and back are still weld on. I called them a couple of days ago asking again and that is what i was informed and that the 06 will not work on the 04 or 05. I didn't know there was a change in the frame then again i haven't read up on the 06's or been anywhere to look at one.

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