Problem installing handguards

Hey guys,

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I have just bought a brand new WR450F here In Australia. I've taken it on a first ride and loved it - haven't had the chace to get back on it yet though.

One thing I have tried to do is install the handguards that come with it and I've had nothing but problems. Has anyone else had drama's installing them? my problem seems to be the nut at the end of the bolts won't fit into the handlebar no matter how hard I try - is there a secret for this? Obviously I have no instructions for it so I was wondering how you guys have managed to do it and if so, how? Also what are the two plastic tubes for?

Thanks in advance,


PS I did a search before asking and couldn't find anything of help.

Are you tightening it before you install it into the bar? It must be loose, it is an expansion fitting that secures it to the inside of the bar. Hope this helps.



no I am not tightening it before putting it into the bar as I am aware they work by expansion. Reason why I am so confused about it is that its the handguards that come standard with the WR450F in the package. My handlebars are stock etc which is why I'm suprised they don'tall fit and match up together....

Thanks for your help anyways,


Are you saying it is too large to fit into the bar? I don't guess I understand what you are having trouble with. Could you post some pics? Sorry I couldn't help any more.


get your dealer who you bought it off to put your bike together before he sells.

Mine came with the handguards installed already & have had them off & on several times with no dramas. You have the original Renthals on the bike right? I have changed over to TAG T2 Metals now & aftermarket handguards & no problems fitting them either. I'm with GregWRF450 take the bike back to your dealer & get them to fit them.


Yeah this is the last resort before going back to the dealer - just thought I'd ask in case its a common prob - obviously not.

Thanks anyways guys,

have a good one


Well they don't come with them here, I bought an aftermarket set and put on mine, they fit no problem either, but you should post some pics, and maybe the nuts are for the larger pro taper bars like on the yz's

Of interest, I looked and sure enough in a completely random unrelated plastic bag were the correct sized nuts. Got the left one on no drama's.... now I am trying to work out the right hand side (throttle) guard... as you would know the hole is smaller and the metal stuff won't fit through. I'm guessing a bit of drilling to widen the hole is required coz I've looked and there is no smaller nuts. Is that a correct assumption?

Just wanted to ask before I did and farked the thing int he process....



...seems something so simple is causing me a few problems damnit!

I assume you are talking about the hole in the throttle tube. With most hand guards you cut this off with a hack saw. Just cut enough to remove the end of the tube and you will be good to go. Hope this helps.


Yes, I too had to trim my tube a small bit.......

Thanks again,

Yes I got the drill out and drilled the existing hole to a much larger side (instead of hacksawing the whole end off) and it worked just fine.

I've now got them both installed to my liking. Couldn't believe something to simple caused me so many drama's!

Anyways, I think today is a good day for a ride... seeya.



Did your WR come with the pro tapers on it! My handgaurds need a adapter to make them fit verses regular bars.


It sounds as though the first bolt size suplied was the type for steel bars as the interior hole in those is bigger than the Aluminium, did the same thing myself with the first handguards I bought.

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