glass creek

I'm thinking of going to Mammoth this week end to ride with the family, problem is I have never been up there to camp and ride. Can someone tell me if the trails out of glass creek are mild enough for my wife on a xr100 and daughter in a 150 buggy, second problem I won't be getting up there untill about 9 pm on friday, how will I find a place to camp when I've never been on those roads before. any suggestions. Thanks Dan

Most of the roads will be OK for them. I don't like going into those campgrounds at night. Several of them don't have "loops" and we ended up having to back out (with a trailer) of a few of them at 1:00 in the morning. My buddy ended up jack knifing his trailer and busting his dualie fender. Could have been worse though - the trailer almost went over a ravine. Now we leave early and go up in the morning. I don't like coming into camp after dark. Have fun.

Finding a spot at Glass Creek will be easy this time of year, the crowds are thinning out. But like Bill said, it can be a real pain depending on the size of your rig. The campground itself is about 1/2 mile off the 395, all dirt. Not much in the way of ammenities, but it is free. Tricky at night but at least it is all level.

Last weekend I saw a couple of guys out there creating mucho damage going off trail, can't figure that one out. Enough stuff has been getting closed as it is.

Lots of fun riding around the campground, also across the highway - just cross the highway at the entrance to the campground and drive thru the caltrans cinder storage area as there is a great access road back there that opens up and goes forever.

Glass creek campground will be easy to navigate at night. Look for an old Garbage can on its side with bears painted on it. (Right at the Big forest service sign) Anywhere on your right before the creek is easy to pull into. The riding is great now, enjoy :thumbsup:

Thanks for the encourage ment, guess we'll give it a try. Thanks

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